Why Might You Need a Mobile Locksmith?

Posted on: 20 January 2020

There are plenty of reasons that people turn to a locksmith on short notice. After all, you cannot always plan when you will be in need of their services. An emergency locksmith, for example, will often be called out because you have lost your keys and can no longer gain access to your home. Few people plan for that, after all! However, this is not the only sort of work locksmiths do. What are the other main jobs that a mobile locksmith company will carry out in Australia almost every day of the week?

Mobile Key Cutting

Mobile locksmiths are sometimes required to produce a spare set of keys. Although most keys are cut at the premises of a locksmith, you may need a spare set immediately. For example, if you run a business and need an extra set of keys to hand over to a new employee, then it may not be possible to have them produced in time without the locksmith coming to your premises. If so, a mobile locksmith service can be extremely helpful.

Security Inspections

Another important service that a qualified mobile locksmith can perform for you is to provide a security assessment of your current locks. This might mean looking over your entire property for all of the potential entry points, for example. Of course, locks that are fitted in doorways will be checked out to ensure they are sufficiently secure, but this sort of service does not end there. These days, you need to pay just as much attention to the locks that are fitted to your windows and patio doors, too. In addition, you might have a padlock or two that are securing your outbuildings, such as a bike shed, for example. Locksmiths will also make an assessment of your garage door to ensure that its locking mechanism is up to the job being demanded of it.

Safe Access

Increasingly, emergency locksmiths are called to both residences and business premises to deal with safes. You may have a safe that is either operated with a key or a code. However, if you can no longer gain access to it, then your valuables and important documents may not be at your disposal any longer. If you can't get hold of your passport or a brooch that you want to wear, then you'll need a locksmith to help you gain entry to your safe and, what's more, help you to secure it once more afterwards.