There's more to commercial locksmithing than cutting keys

Posted on: 24 July 2020

When you find yourself locked out of your business or need a lock repaired, you know that it's time to call your commercial locksmith. But a locksmith does much more than just cut keys and repair locks: today's locksmiths provide and install a wide range of security and access control systems that can help keep you and your business safe. 

1. Access control systems

Digital access control systems are an evolution of the traditional lock. Using a keycode, a swipe card or another device such as a fob, users can gain keyless access to different areas of your building. These systems allow you to add new users easily without having to get new keys cut, as well as to remove user permissions when an employee leaves. Digital record-keeping also allows you to keep track of when people enter and exit, improving both security and timekeeping. If you prefer traditional mechanical systems, master key systems let you manage access to different parts of the building by issuing different keys to your employees; these locks are also much more challenging to pick than conventional models. 

2. Security systems

There's more to the security of your business than just locks. Talk to your commercial locksmith about internal and external security systems such as cameras, motion-detecting lights, alarms and more. A complete security plan involves multiple systems all interacting to help keep your property, customers and employees safe. External cameras and lights, as well as other security precautions such as reinforced doors or window screens, help to deter potential intruders while installing cameras and lights in your business can help cut down on the risk of opportunistic theft and prevent workplace accidents. 

3. Safes

Valuable items and important documents require additional protection from theft or fire; your security plan should include a quality safe. Your locksmith can help you choose the safe that's right for your needs. You'll be able to choose from a wide range of options, such as small floor safes, wall safes, or larger free-standing models. Remember that a safe is only as secure as its installation, so make sure that yours is installed by a qualified professional. 

Whether you have a large workforce and want a comprehensive system to manage access to different parts of your building, or just need physical precautions to help keep your premises safe from thieves, your commercial locksmith can help you find the security solutions that are right for your business. And even though there's more to locksmithing than simply cutting keys, your commercial locksmith can do that for you as well.