Is a Master Key System Beneficial in Residences?

Posted on: 5 August 2020

Although a master key system will be of benefit in places where there are lots and lots of keys, such as hotels and secure office environments, they are not often found in domestic settings. In fairness, if you only have your front and back door to consider locking every time you go out, then a master key system is likely to be overkill. However, as soon as you have multiple locks that you need to get past to gain access to your property, then investing in a master key system will be beneficial. This might be the case if you have a lockable perimeter to your property - such as a set of gates, for example - as well as several internal lockable doors. If so, why should you talk to your local domestic locksmith about installing such a system?

  • Access Flexibility

When you want to offer visitors access to certain parts of your property but not to others, it is always possible to give them copies of the relevant keys. For example, you might provide your window cleaner with a key to your gate so that he or she can get into your garden. There again, your pool cleaner might need a copy of this key but also a padlock key so they can unlock your shed to access the right cleaning equipment. Other visitors might need further keys, such as ones to the garage, outbuilding or even the main house. In the end, you might end up walking around with a dozen or more keys just so you can get in and out. With a master key system, however, just one key will open all the locks for you but deny access, where appropriate, to unauthorised persons.

  • Changing Demands

Of course, a master key system that has been properly installed by a qualified domestic locksmith will allow you to organise access rights to visitors and family members how you want them now and in the future. In short, the master key you have will provide you with the access you need everywhere, and you will be able to provide keys to others that open one, two or more locks depending on your preferences. This is because these systems are usually fitted for organisations which have different needs at different times. However, this advantage is just as useful for the changing needs of homeowners, especially when their property might be partially let out as a holiday home, for example.

  • Make Your Home More Secure

When you give people keys, your home will inevitably become less secure. All keys can be potentially copied or lost. However, with a master key system, you can create extra-secure areas within your home that remain safeguarded even when these problems occur. This is the approach you might have if you have particularly valuable or precious items at home that you want to ensure remain properly secure even when you are not there.

To learn more about master key systems, contact a locksmith.