Factors That Businesses Should Understand Before Installing a CCTV

Posted on: 15 October 2020

Deciding to put up surveillance cameras is not easy, so you have to think hard before calling your technician to install a security camera system for your business. The process of CCTV installation requires proper planning to ensure you get everything right.

Choosing the right surveillance camera system for your business is not easy, as many options are available. Listed below are elements to consider before installing a CCTV unit.

The Location

The best place to install a security camera is an area that needs surveillance all the time, like vulnerable areas where you store valuable business items. Since each building's conditions are different, consult with security experts to ensure all spots are covered. It is also advisable to follow your gut and place cameras in sites that feel strange.

Other spots to install surveillance cameras is the visitors' access areas, like the corridors, the main doors, and the back door. Robbers will likely access your business building using these areas, so they need constant supervision.

Its Durability

When choosing CCTV equipment, take into consideration environmental elements that can affect their efficiency. For instance, a waterproof system is suitable for rainy conditions. Dust can also affect recording quality, but a dust-proof cover offers a simple solution to this. The security camera unit you install should be strong enough to withstand both interior and exterior conditions and deliver high-quality videos at all times.

The Resolution

With clear and high-quality recording, you won't have an issue identifying individuals who broke into your business. Therefore, get a camera with a high-resolution recording for your company to enhance safety. The market offers a wide range of high-resolution surveillance cameras, and you can find one within your price range.

Recording Management System

For a surveillance unit to be effective, it needs the support of a recording management unit, including a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), memory card, or NVR (Network Video Recorder). It is recommended to choose either an NVR or DVR, as they can store longer recordings.

You also have to consider how convenient it is to get the recordings as needed. Some systems will alert you when there are weird movements after business hours, while others are accessible from a smartphone. Before connecting the CCTV camera by Wi-Fi, get your internet connection encrypted to keep hackers away.

Installing surveillance cameras in your commercial building will help reduce the number of thefts. Therefore, you should call your security specialist to install the ideal CCTV surveillance unit for your business. Work with experts who have been in the industry for long and have an excellent reputation.