3 Instances When You Should Call Professional Locksmiths to Re-Key Your Locks

Posted on: 21 May 2021

Rekeying involves changing the various lock's coding to different sizes and issuing new keys to the building occupants. It is a better option than changing the locks, as it is cheaper and less time-consuming. However, you need to ensure that it's done by a seasoned locksmith to avoid problems. Here are some situations you should consider hiring locksmiths to rekey your property's locks.

When Moving to a New House

After moving into a new house, many people first change the keys, even in a new building. It is a security measure since you might not know how many people have copies of keys to the locks. For instance, the previous owners may not have issued all their keys when moving out, and some of their friends and family members could also have copies of the keys. 

Therefore, it is best to stay safe by hiring a professional locksmith to rekey all the locks in the house. The experts will change all the pins in the locks and give you a new set of keys. That way, anyone who has the old keys will not access the property. 

When Thieves Break into Your Home

If someone tries to break into your house and fails to succeed in the attempt, it is vital to have the locks rekeyed. Even if the thief gets in through the window, there is a good chance they have taken your door keys to try their luck the next time. So, avoid the risk of another break-in by changing all the keys. Professional locksmiths often offer round-the-clock services. That means you can call them any day or time to help you rekey the locks. 

When a Key Gets Lost

If you have lost your keys in the recent past, it is best to get new ones for your lock. You never know who might be in possession of your lost keys, and the last thing you want is to be a victim of crime. That also applies when any of your family members lose their keys, especially through mugging. The thief might try to obtain the details of your address. They will then access your home with this information, which is why you need immediate rekeying of your locks. 

When hiring a locksmith to rekey your locks, it is vital to find one with a great reputation and experience in the field. Ensure the locksmiths have proper training on handling various locks to ensure they can effectively handle those in your home.